Folding & Sliding Doors

Now you can enjoy the luxury of sliding, folding doors at an extremely affordable price. In fact, you can let more light into your home and bring your exterior and interior spaces closer together and pay much less than you might think.

Before Trufold, homeowners had little choice when it came to combining home and garden in one living area. There were sliding patio doors and traditional hinged French doors of course. And you could have sliding, folding doors manufactured as a bespoke product but this was extremely expensive.

When we introduced Trufold sliding, folding doors in 2005, everything changed. For the first time ever, homeowners could buy and fit expanding, versatile and highly secure external doors without paying the earth. In fact, our high quality folding door system combines the detail and workmanship of tailor-made sliding doors, but at off-the-shelf prices.

Better still, our Supreme Range incorporates all of the advanced design features, craftsmanship and high quality materials of the entire Trufold range, but in a lower-priced collection designed for smaller budgets.

External Folding & Sliding Doors

Size (approx) Outer frame width No of Doors Door Configuration
6′ 1790mm 3 3L or 3R
7′ 2090mm 3 3L or 3R
8′ 2390mm 3 3L or 3R
10′ 2990mm 4 3L1R or 3R1L
12′ 3590mm 5 5L or 5R
14′ 4190 6 3L3R
16′ 4790 6 3L3R

Internal Folding & Sliding Doors

Outer frame width No of Doors Door Configuration
3 door- Slimline 1904mm 3L or 3R
4 door- Slimline 2518mm 3L1R or 3R1L
4 door- Widefit 3050mm 3L1R
5 door- Widefit 3797mm 5L or 5R
6 door- Slimline 3746mm 3L3R
6 door- Widefit 4202 3L3R

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