About Paul Murten Joinery

Chances are that you’ve been strolling through quite a few websites, all with similar goods and all boasting the cheapest priced doors in the world.

The truth is, we can get you cheaper versions to thrash all competition – but give it a couple of weeks you’ll be wanting your money back as the doors will have probably split, twisted or fallen to bits, and after paying for a fitter can be a costly disaster.

This is where we have the edge over all other suppliers. When you choose any door from our website, we can guarantee it is of the highest quality available. Of course, we would be lying if we said we have never had a damaged door in the whole 20+ years of trading, but our superior guarantees ensure that they are replaced with no questions asked.

A great variety of door sizes

As well as great service, another speciality is a great variety of sizes including metric sizes. So where most DIY stores just do 1 size, we do on average 7 sizes. We have some doors starting from 15″ up to 36 1/2″, so if you have an unusual size, you are more than welcome to contact us, than we can guide you as to which doors we can do your size.


New builds, conversions & renovations

We also specialize in supplying for new builds / barn conversions and renovations, supplying fire doors to match the rest of the standard doors in the property, glass doors and external doors that meet all building regulations.

Garden Rooms and Gazebos

Garden rooms Yorkshire is part of Paul Murten Joinery based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. We are a family concern and have been in the joinery business for over 80 years, we offer bespoke garden rooms to suit our clients specific requirements.

Ask about our finished projects which we can arrange for you to visit and see the quality of our garden rooms.


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